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COMM in The Hague is the place where you can experience the influence of communication at its best. In November 2017 the museum was reopened after a massive renovation. Visitors to the museum can directly see what the impact of communication is on both themselves and their surroundings.

Besides its role as a museum, COMM also serves as an inspiring location for among others congresses, meetings, dinners and (press) conferences. Located in the vibrant heart of the city of The Hague, COMM offers attractive and modern spaces with room for 6 up to 800 people. These spaces include luxurious conference halls, a webcast studio, one of the largest news rooms in Europe and the monumental Temple of Theosophists.

Rapenburg Plaza in Amsterdam did not only take care of the lighting, but also designed, delivered and installed all of the AV and show control equipment.

The result of this lighting project at COMM is a remarkable dynamic and contemporary museum with lots of interaction for its visitors.

Nearly all of the LED fixtures that are used for COMM originated from CLS. This includes the Jade Expo, the Sapphire Zoom and the Focus HP T 230 V.

CLS would like to thank all parties involved for the wonderful cooperation within this lighting project and wishes COMM in The Hague a bright and successful future.



  • Bijsterhuizen 2523, 6604 LM Wijchen, Netherlands