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‘t Manneke, The Netherlands


‘t Manneke is a conference center located between Berkel, Rodenrijs and Pijnacker. The conference center offers space for example for conferences, meetings, weddings and other festive events. This monumental farmhouse has 7 rooms. It is also possible to have some food at ‘t Manneke.

In order to provide this versatile monumental building with a subtle presentation, a customized lighting solution has been created, using LED fixtures of CLS. REVO Micro, REVO Compact Basic and Lina Clip HP provide the conference center with a sustainable lighting solution.

REVO Micro is the little brother of the REVO Compact. Both fixtures are extremely versatile because the fixtures are configurable. Other variations of these two little brothers are also available. Thanks to this, the REVOs are also perfectly suitable as a rail fixture.

The Lina Clip HP has proven itself many times. Because of its elegant design and its great performance, this fixture is also employable in a lot of situations. The Lina HP has a high light output and is available in different sizes, color schemes, light opening angles and bright colors.

‘t Manneke, The Netherlands


  • Bijsterhuizen 2523, 6604 LM Wijchen, Netherlands