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LED design Office

CLS distributor Van Dalen in The Netherlands has equipped its office with CLS LED lighting. Besides the benefits of LED as a light source with very low power consumption and virtually no maintenance, van Dalen would also like to turn its building into a real eye catcher. Besides a functional office building, the building is also a showroom for CLS LED products.

30 pieces of CLS LON, which are installed behind the windows, create a colourful sight. Controlled by Martin Light Jockey, different colour patterns can be shown. CLS Miriam GII and Façade RGB fixtures are installed at the entrance and are programmed along with the colour spectacle.

To replace the existing halogen lighting in the conference room, Luxo 3 fixtures are placed in 2-hole mounting plates. Van Dalen and CLS are very pleased with the result and will in future also light other areas of the property with CLS LED lighting fixtures.



  • Bijsterhuizen 2523, 6604 LM Wijchen, Netherlands
  • CLS LED b.v.