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LED Design Office

Wolkat is a group of innovative textile recycling companies. Together, these companies manage the entire recycling chain. For this company, innovation and sustainability are paramount. No wonder that Wolkat makes use of energy-efficient LED fixtures of CLS.

In order to create a more comfortable working environment in this office with industrial character, REVO Track, Ultima, Lina Clip MP and Lina Clip RP fixtures are used.

REVO Track is a rail fixture that is perfect for use in retail environments, galleries and musea. The LED fixture creates huge savings in energy and maintenance costs. With an output of 20 Watt, this energy-efficient LED armature is a perfect replacement for 100 Watt halogen light sources and 70 Watt HGI light sources.

In addition to the REVO Track, two different fixtures are used from the Lina serie. These linear LED fixtures are extremely compact and elegant. For this reason they can perfectly be integrated in different interior environments.

As last, the Ultima is used. This downlight has proven itself many times in the world of musea, offices, hospitals, theaters, hotels and many projects in the retail sector.

Design: Versteegh-Design

Realization: VSB Wellness & Interior

Photographer: Peter Baas



  • Bijsterhuizen 2523, 6604 LM Wijchen, Netherlands
  • CLS LED b.v.