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Vanderlande office, Veghel

Derako International BV
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Parrilla de madera maciza sistema de techo Pro-line - interior y exterior

Tipo de madera: Obeche en Pino

Medidas: Pino Parrilla Pro-line 3-140-20-70 and Obeche Parrilla Pro-line

Acabado: Transparente

Vanderlande is one of the world leading companies in luggage transporting systems for airports worldwide. Due to the expansional growth of the company, they had to build a new office, which is called Building nr. 60. The building is situated on the Corridor, the road that connects the A50 with the inner city of Veghel.

The office building counts 7 stories, more that 800 work spaces, a company restaurant, gym and an underground parking lot. The goal was to realize a building with the highest sustainability labels possible, being CO2 neutral and BREEAM outstanding. The Derako solid wooden systems play a huge part in obtaining credits for BREEAM and fit perfectly within the sustainability goals and look and feel of Building nr. 60.

We realized over 4.170 m2 of derako wooden grill systems in FSC® certified solid wood, type African Ayous and Pine Wood. More than 3.500 m2 has been used for the ceilings and walls and 670 m2 was used for the outdoor ceilings. The slats in the grill panel have a dimension of 20 mm in width and 120 mm in height with a gap of 140 mm. This gives the building its robust and sturdy appeal. The five huge corten steel tree trunks support the outdoor ceiling and branch out nicely into our grill system. This reference to nature sets the tone for the solid wood experience which continues when you enter the impressive building.

After the lay out plans had been approved, we started the production of the grill panels in several lengths. These were dispatched in batches of 500 to 600 m2 every other week to the building site in close collaboration with the finishing building company. Because the delivery had to be planned per floor, Derako enhanced the production- and wrapping process specifically to fit this project’s needs. The wooden framework was made to measure, so that they would fit through the sliding doors. The end result is truly stunning. Also not in the least made possible by the knowledgeable team of the finishing company Gepla B.V.

Vanderlande office, Veghel

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