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Theatre church, The Netherlands


Thanks to the incredible commitment of the directors and volunteers of the Stichting Kerk Bemmel (SKB), a particularly beautiful theater has been realized in Bemmel, a village in the Betuwe.

The overall lighting has been deliverd by CLS. The delivery package of CLS is so extended, that all rooms in cultural buildings can be equipped, both inside and outside: from the facade till the garden, and from the foyer till room light, office and horeca area.

Important aspects in cultural buildings are a beautiful warm light colour, the ability of perfectly (DMX 512) dimming and an appropriate design of the fixtures.

Delivery and installation was done by Elektro Technisch Installatiebureau Balk bv. The lighting plan was made by CLS light consultant Timo Verhoeven.

The following CLS fixtures were used in the theater church:

> Emerald 6 Series Dali Dim

> Luxo 3 Basic CoB

> Luxo 6 Basic

> Sapphire Rail fixtures

> Lina Clip MP

> HYLO Compact

The CLS partners worldwide also support with pleasure your theater location with a solid light scheme. Feel free to contact us. CLS is present in more than 40 countries with local partners.

Installation: Balk Elektro Technisch Installatiebureau

Theatre church, The Netherlands


  • Bijsterhuizen 2523, 6604 LM Wijchen, Netherlands